Toss routers with hardcoded passwords, expert says

August 27, 2014 in Security News by News Bot

Sometimes it is best to toss security-challenged technology, and that's the recommendation experts are giving to small businesses using a flawed router from a China-based manufacturer.

Trend Micro reported this week that routers sold under the brand name of Netcore in China and Netis outside of the country contained a "backdoor" that could be easily accessed by a hacker to monitor Internet traffic.

Google Bug in Searches Spurs Talk of Hacking

August 27, 2014 in Security News by News Bot

A software bug disrupted some Google searches for roughly eight hours early Tuesday, displaying multiple images of what appeared to be a car crash in Russia and sparking speculation that Google had been hacked.

The image displayed in response to many searches showed a badly mangled car near a sign that says "stop" in Russian. It wasn't clear if the image had been altered. It didn't appear on every search.

Secret app hack allows access to personal data

August 27, 2014 in Security News by News Bot

 Popular iPhone and Android app Secret has been hacked in a controlled experiment, allowing security experts to get hold of data.

The app, which allows you to post statements anonymously to your friends and friends of friends was hacked by security researchers at Rhino Security Labs who were able to reveal the identities of posters using a flaw in the app's security.

South Korean data breach results in 220m records stolen

August 27, 2014 in Security News by News Bot

 Personal details, relating to half of South Korea's population, have been stolen by hackers, including full names, account names, passwords and resident registration numbers.

The hack was revealed after 16 people were arrested for stealing data from a number of online game and movie ticket sites. They are said to have set up targeted attacks on registration pages of the sites to siphon off the personal details.

Berlin privacy start-up ZenMate expands service to mobile

August 27, 2014 in Security News by News Bot

Berlin privacy start-up ZenMate today announced it has expanded its online privacy tool to mobile.

The service, previously only available as a web-based Google Chrome plug-in, is now available to download on the Android and iOS platforms. 

ZenMate allows users to hide their IP address by changing their virtual location to somewhere else in the world. The company said the mobile app is able to encrypt and secure all internet traffic on a user’s smartphone whatever their connection.

Chrome 64-bit browser finally available as a stable version

August 27, 2014 in Security News by News Bot

Google today released a 64-bit stable version of its Chrome browser for Windows systems. The 64-bit support has been in testing since June, and as of Chrome version 37 it has made it to the mainstream version.

The 64-bit version offers three main advantages and one possible drawback. The browser's advantages are speed, security, and stability. Google claims that certain media and graphics workloads in particular are faster with 64-bit. It offers the example of VP9 video decoding—used for some YouTube high-definition streams—being 15 percent quicker compared to 32-bit.