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IT threat evolution in Q1 2015

In the first quarter of 2015 Kaspersky Lab products detected a total of 2,2 bln malicious attacks and more than 93 mln unique malicious URLs. The story of the powerful Equation cyberespionage group was perhaps the most talked-about news story of Q1.

The Banking Trojan Emotet: Detailed Analysis

The Emotet Trojan is a highly automated and developing, territorially-targeted bank threat. Its small size, the dispersal methods used and the modular architecture, all make Emotet a very effective weapon for the cyber-criminal.

The Enemy on your Phone

A modern smartphone is a full-blown working tool, an entertainment center and a tool to manage your personal finances. The more it can do, the more attractive it is to cybercriminals. The evidence for this is clear when we look at the rapid growth in the numbers of mobile Trojans.

Financial cyber threats in 2014: things changed

In 2013 we registered a sudden surge in the number of attacks targeting users’ financial information and money. In 2014, the situation changed considerably: the number of attacks and attacked users significantly decreased, as did the amount of financial phishing.

Chthonic: a new modification of ZeuS

In the fall of 2014, we discovered a new banking Trojan, which caught our attention for two reasons…

Brazilian Trojan Bankers – now on your Android Play Store!

It took some time but they’re finally here – Brazilian cybercriminals have started to target their attacks towards mobile banking users.

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